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Attracts Butterflies Bee Friendly. Patio Container Eclectic Rock Garden. Not Native to North America. Sedum is one of the most popular perennials grown in American gardens because it is very easy to grow and hardy in most areas of the country. Because of its thick, succulent leaves which can store water, sedum is drought tolerant. It should be sited in average to poor soil that is well-drained. Plants grown in rich soil tend to be lanky and open. Most varieties should be grown in full sun to light shade.

The lower growing types, however, will survive in partial shade. This plant is not usually bothered by pests or diseases.

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The seed heads of the taller varieties provide excellent winter interest and food for birds. Remove them in spring when the new growth begins to show. EC What is EC? Preventive fungicides recommended at transplant time. Mildew can be problematic, treat as needed.


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Some trimming may be necessary at planting time to fit into the container. Warm and slightly dry conditions after transplanting speeds root in and growth. For potting soil use Professional planting media. Avoid overwatering; extended periods of wet soil will be detrimental. One soft pinch, 1 week after planting. Larger plants with better branching and form will occur with vernalization. Sedum require long days to flower. Once buds form plants can be moved to a short day enviroment. I usually find these moments after some quiet time or meditation.

These moments energize us to make productive and pleasurable use of our time. And, the more fully we become occupied in these activities, the more joy we feel. What creative activities do you find most satisfying?

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The bottom line is that we are most likely to find joy when we are living in the present and fully engaged with whatever we are doing. Robert Evans Wilson, Jr. He works with companies that want to be more competitive and with people who want to think like innovators.

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  • Leave Well Enough Alone.
  • See a Problem?.

Robert is the author of Wisdom in the Weirdest Places. For more information on Robert, please visit www. I haven't felt joy in years.

How to find that special feeling again.

What importance is it, really? It's yet another emotion which makes no difference in the scheme of things. Don't like how you feel? Regularly using your imagination will enhance your ability to innovate. Back Find a Therapist. What Is the Best Way to Propose? What's the Solution for a Coddled American Mind? Robert Evans Wilson Jr. Follow me on Twitter.

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Pure Joy! Pure Joy!
Pure Joy! Pure Joy!
Pure Joy! Pure Joy!
Pure Joy! Pure Joy!
Pure Joy! Pure Joy!
Pure Joy! Pure Joy!
Pure Joy! Pure Joy!
Pure Joy! Pure Joy!
Pure Joy!

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