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View Full Version of PW. More By and About This Author. Discover what to read next. Books of the Week. Maybe is a story that all will leave you smitten. From the Hardcover edition. More about Jane Green. Maybe To Libby Mason, Mr. Also by Jane Green.

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People Who Read Mr. Inspired by Your Browsing History. Looking for More Great Reads? Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Here's the usual dilemma in chick-lit novels: A woman struggles to choose between a wealthy man she has no connection with and a poor man she loves.

She chooses the poor man and he ends up already being or quickly becoming wealthy. But what if the woman chooses the poor man and, goodness gracious, he remains poor but lovable. I know, but I'm not telling. View all 4 comments. Sadly to say though, the result was rather frustrating. The book started off OK but once I passed the first hundred-page, I literally start to yawn. The predictability of the plots and some annoying characters really turned off my interest but still, I continued reading in hope that there might be something that could spark my interest back on.

Nevertheless, nothing really happen other than me getting more and more annoyed with the main character, Libby. Her hopeless, indecisive manner truly crawled under my skin and the way she measured a guy by the stack of money in his pocket was downright sickening. Even though she was just a fictional character, I do not think that it is wise to make a woman looks this daft.

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So, needless to say, I am very disappointed with this book and will definitely not going to recommend this book to anyone. Jul 01, Sara rated it liked it Shelves: I have mixed feeling about this book, on one side it was an easy romantic read, on the other the main character is a bit too clueless and the author gave her an easy way out, i.

Oct 09, BabyBeth rated it it was ok Shelves: I tried to get back to my Rom-Com, chick-lit, Sophie Kinsella style books but I guess I'm way too deep into other genres. This didn't cut it. It was not a hugely disappointing read, just s forgettable, you kind of dread the time you've invested in reading it. Feb 17, Rachel rated it did not like it Shelves: They kiss and my girlie brain flashes back to Darcy and Elizabeth and Darcy and Bridget for that matter… and the book ends on happily ever after.

Maybe is precisely that sort of book, only I hated it. There was one major missing element: Only her heartless, dim mother thinks that Libby is making a wise decision. She feels nauseas when this man kisses her, and smothered by his attention.

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Of course, there is another man in the picture: Funny, sexy, kind, but, of course, tragically poor Nick. This book left me irritated at its pathetic protagonist and at the writer who created her. I may have…finally… outgrown them. It seems impossible, but here we are. Maybe cat themed mysteries? Or novels about quilting societies? Feb 26, Love Fool rated it really liked it. I was Libby Mason a few years ago so I think Jane Green needs to send me a big check for copying my life and making it into a great book.

Feb 21, Kattie rated it it was ok. The author is interesting but parts of this book were just painful to read. Ever had the urge to haul off and smack a fictional character? Also, if you are considering reading this book, you should know that the author is British, and there is some terms that are not common in the US. Mar 26, Shannon rated it really liked it Shelves: Check out the cover, wouldn't he at least be Mr.

So Libby is 27 and single and wanting to have a better half. After meeting Nick as more than an acquaintance the two get a hot fling going on. He came to her flat on the first night and took a bath and they did it right there in her tub. I almost needed a cold shower after this chapter! Needless to say I was hooked from the beginning. I love how Jane Green writes the characters thoughts and then what the character says and Check out the cover, wouldn't he at least be Mr.

I love how Jane Green writes the characters thoughts and then what the character says and how Libby does often speak her mind. Girl after my own heart. Alas the gorgeous Nick, who is an amazing kisser and even hotter in bed, or wherever they are when they do it, tells her from the start he is not ready for a relationship. And so it goes and before they know it they are in a non relationship relationship so Nick has to end it because he is not ready for what is already in their face.

Of course Libby is devastated. He is gorgeous, a great lover, and becoming a great friend, and gets along great with her friends.

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This was supposed to be a fun fling but when everything feels so right why can't it be the right time for a relationship? Then her bff takes her out because the best way to get over someone naturally is to get under someone else. A man by the name of Ed gives Libby his card and asks to take her to dinner sometime. He phones, she's not quite sure but of course she accepts when she learns hes beyond rich and one of London's most eligible bachelors.

Its predictable, of course shes always wanted to be the rich man's wife and here he is, but can she ever get gorgeous broke Nick off her mind? Um not after that bath, neither can I hehehe. So its not about the men but our dearest Libby and how she goes through all the emotions all of us single girls go through. A great fun read which I know is always described as a "beach read" but in the beginnings of spring why can't everyone just accept us girls love these easy to read stories any time of year? Sorry to say goodbye to Libby but there's so much of me in her and all us single ladies it really isn't a true goodbye.

Jun 28, Andrea rated it it was amazing Shelves: Maybe during my major Brit Lit-love fest of the earlys. More than a decade later Maybe is more women's fic or chick lit, as we used to call it then than romance. While yes, Libby does experience passion and infatuation and ultimately love, this is the story of a young woman finding her own self-worth and learning what she and her heart deserves. Maybe is early, yet classic, Jane Green.

The protagonist is an unapologetically real and honest woman who comes to life-changing realizations about herself, there is an excellent cast of secondary characters; there is a man who is not from a fairy tale, but is winning in his own way; and there is laughter.

Maybe was just as wonderful as I remembered. I had a wonderful time reading it again all these years later. And wow, what more could I ask for? Mar 27, Ellen added it. I read this book during my obsession with British authors period, along with coming off of a break up. And let me tell you, it didn't disappoint! This book is wildly funny and really tells the story of dating during your twenties.

Libby, who has no idea what is important in a relationship, is a loveable heroine. She becomes strong and you can feel yourself falling in love with her. The journey she takes is one that allows the reader to re-examine their own dating history. Pointing out that every I read this book during my obsession with British authors period, along with coming off of a break up.

Pointing out that everyone has Nick and there's always an Ed around the corner. Her crazy stories and escapades are not only hilarious but begin to become part of your own life. Suddenly, you become Libby and your best friend becomes Jules. You are able to identify with both love interests and your heart breaks every time Libby's does. This book is recommended for anyone who needs to remember the importance of growing up and what matters in a relationship.

Libby is a sort of every woman and really becomes identifiable. She weaves a tapestry of hilarity and love. Sit down with a big cup of tea, your favorite snack and enjoy! Jan 26, Alaina Meserole rated it it was ok Shelves: I have wanted to read this book for like ever and I was so happy that I finally got it! However, I just wish that I ended up liking it a lot more. Now don't get me wrong - I liked it but the MC just rubbed me the wrong way for most of the book.

Okay, the entire book. Libby is pretty much a self-centered bitch. However, she is a well-rounded self-centered bitch because she's also shallow and hypocritical as fuck. I just wish she wasn't who she was the entire book and then maybe I would've liked he I have wanted to read this book for like ever and I was so happy that I finally got it! I just wish she wasn't who she was the entire book and then maybe I would've liked her - but.. Then there's Nick, who is the love of Libby's black heart.

The Story of Mr. Maybe - A 228" Legend

Yeah, I didn't like him either. Heck I wouldn't have cared one bit if he just magically died from something, like the plague. Honestly, if the book didn't have Libby or Nick and had some more likable and relatable characters then Mr. Maybe would've gotten a lot more stars and a way better review. I feel like I need a happy book or happy juice to make my day shine a little bit brighter.

Nov 20, Jade rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Slow intro, had to fight not to put it away and start a new book. Mar 24, Harley Biala rated it really liked it.

Book review: ‘Mr. Maybe’ by Jane Green

The book is so hilarious, toe curling, and even a guy could relate with the whole story. Sep 18, Elizabeth rated it it was ok Shelves: Second time I've read the book - not exactly intentional. Realized a chapter or two in that I'd read it before. Woman wants to meet Mr. Hot who makes clear he does not want long term relationship. She thinks she won't get emotionally involved, but she does.

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