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Out of Position

But as the series progresses, he becomes more vital to the story. By Divisions , he's swapped roles with Dev and becomes the main protagonist. Somewhat justified with Brian.

Kyell says:

After he was released from the hospital following the gay bashing, his parents had him transferred to a different college, and he didn't even try to persuade them against it. Lee calls him out on it, at which point Brian admits that he didn't want to stay knowing he'd be reliving the moment and would be branded as "that fag who got beat up. Lee frequently employs this for various reasons. Dramatically Missing the Point: When Dev's father objects to Dev and Lee's relationship Lee assumes it's because he's homophobic. While Mikhail isn't crazy about the idea that Dev is gay, his actual objection was that he felt Dev had changed, and that Lee was pulling him away from his family.

How Lee's subplot in Divisions kicked off. Needless to say, Lee took his death hard. Happens again with Fisher in Over Time , where, after being forced into retirement, tried to shoot himself in the head , but rethought it at the last minute, only ending up with a broken jaw. Dude Looks Like a Lady: There is a reason people tend to refer to Wiley as a "vixen".

Lee's initial opinion of Dev and other football players. Downplayed as the series progresses, but the first book had quite a few NSFW scenes Brian's whole reason for getting involved with gay rights activism and for hating Dev—and football players in general. He was a victim of a gay bashing that was led by typical Jerk Jocks , which ended with him having a few broken bones.

Anthropomorphism only seems to apply to land-based mammals, as there have yet to be any reptilian, amphibian, fish, avian, or aquatic-based mammalian characters. Also, Lee and his father both mention how Lee used to have a pet lizard as a pup. Later on in Over Time this is sorta explained by anthropomorphic furs having feral ancestors and there still being ferals around the wild.

The writer is a distinguished member of the fandom.

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Brian is either this or a Crazy Jealous Guy. Isolation Play picks up about five minutes where Out Of Position left off. Lighting Strike gets Dev bondage gear for Christmas, having somehow come to the conclusion that it was something that Dev would want. Part of the reason why Dev came out of the closet on live television was because he thought things would be easier in his life.

Out of position

But it doesn't alleviate the situation; if anything, it just made things harder. Brian to varying degrees. There are some, including Dev to some extent at the beginning. In a book that tackles homophobia on a college campus, how could there not be a few of these? Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Dev's father is kind of an asshole, but he's mostly not prejudiced and actually does care about Dev, he just has a hard time showing it.

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By the later three novels, the jerk aspect is, for the most part, gone. Dev publicly comes out of the closet at the end of Out of Position. Anyone who hasn't read the first book probably shouldn't look at the blurb on Isolation Play or Divisions Brian in Out of Position. After all, he did convince Lee to give him a handjob out of pity after he threatened to get Dev kicked out of the league.

All over the place.

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Chapter 7 of Uncovered , for example, starts with the Firebirds winning a game , and then immediately switches over to Lee nearly being beaten up by two drunken homophobes. Like most Kyell Gold novels, it's easy for Dev and Lee to tell what species a person is, what a person recently ate or drank, when they recently showered, or what mood they're in just by noticing their scent. This actually becomes a plot device in Uncovered , as Dev manages to deduce that Colin was having sex with Argonne after he smelled Colin's semen on Argonne's breath.

Only Known By His Nickname: A lot of the Firebirds players have nicknames that are used more than their real names. Charm's name, in particular, has never been revealed. Until Over Time , where it's revealed to be Winston Porter. A drunken Lee suffers one in Out of Position after Dev shoves him in a closet to hide from two Hellentown coaches. Put on a Bus: Brian in Isolation Play. Usually between Brian and Lee.

Lee actually tries his best not to act snarky or angry around him, because Brian's basically a Troll who wants Lee to get mad just so he can throw more snarky insults at him. Lee, after Dev finally admits he's in love with him to the public. Took a Level in Jerkass: In Divisions and especially Uncovered , Dev becomes increasingly bitter and prickly towards Lee because he's constantly bothering him about Vince King's suicide and all his other personal problems, which distract Dev from his football career.

Fisher in Uncovered , although that may have to do with the steroids he started taking. Took a Level in Kindness: In Isolation Play , he's an ordinary Jerkass , but by the end of the book, he's finally accepted Lee into the family and becomes a Jerk with a Heart of Gold. By Divisions , the "Jerk" part of him is pretty much gone. In a similar view, Lee's mother, Eileen, after she cut her ties with Family's United. She's still not ready to move on, but it's FAR better than burning her son's belongings.

By the end of the series, they're even on speaking terms again. Some of Dev's teammates didn't approve of the tiger's relationship with Lee and his sexual orientation either. Most of them got over it by Divisions , or at least tolerate it and don't outwardly disapprove it. Wiley's relationship with his mother was already strained at best, but then Eileen joined some kind of support group for parents whose children were "corrupted" by the gays, and started spending time with Mrs. Hedley , who ended up driving an even bigger wedge between Eileen and Wiley.

Two Lines, No Waiting: On the day before graduation, Brenly and Eileen fly to Forrester University to see Lee get his degree.

However, during a dinner that night, Lee confesses that he dropped his Literature class and will not be graduating. But at the same time, Dev surprises the family and introduces himself as Lee's boyfriend. After a heartfelt talk with Brenly, Dev convinces him to at least talk things out with Lee. Nineteen months later, Dev is in professional football and has just been traded to the Chevali Firebirds, coached by Samuelson a wolf , with new teammates: Dev chooses to trade positions to backing up for Killer's position. Dev introduces Lee, who is dressed as a female to keep their homosexuality a secret, to Fisher.

But when Lee gets spotted by some of the other Firebirds by the locker rooms and is exposed as a male, Fisher confronts Dev about his relationship with the fox. They fight, after which Dev worries he'll be penalized, but isn't when Fisher says that it's Dev's private life and should be allowed to do what he wants. Dev's agent, Ogleby a weasel , sets Dev up with actress Caroll Chavon a panther in order to give both of them more publicity.

Caroll wins over the approval of Dev's teammates especially Charm. While leaving a team dinner with Caroll, Brian appears and takes a photo of Dev and Caroll, threatening to tell Lee about their affair which Dev did not warn Lee about. However, Lee tells Dev that it is okay and that he knows it's all fake. All seems to be going well until Ogleby tries to set up an engagement between Dev and Caroll, Lee begins acting distant, and Dev worries that he will never get the starting position on the team because of Killer's newfound motivation which involved Gerrard telling Killer about Dev trying to take his position.

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However, due to blind ambition, during a football game, Killer is impaled with a stag's antlers and it sent to the hospital. Dev immediately assumes the position of starter and helps the Firebirds win the game. Dev is also shocked when, after the game, Lee shows up in the locker room dressed normally. Their heart-filled reunion is cut short when Fisher catches Brian outside the locker room filming Dev and Lee. Lee takes the tape from Brian's camera before telling Fisher to let him go.

Even without the video proof, Brian writes a blog outing Dev as a homosexual. Ogleby releases a press statement, claiming that Brian is lying to get attention. The resulting press coverage soon sky rockets, which causes some of Dev's teammates to avoid him. Fisher and Caroll urge Dev to deny the allegations. When Brian publishes another article claiming Dev offered him oral sex, Dev officially comes out to his teammates. Later, Lee admits that he gave Brian a hand-job in hopes of getting him to not post anything about Dev.

Dev realizes that Lee is missing the activism days of college. The next day, the Firebirds face off against another team in Aventira. However, Dev is greeted by a poor crowd holding up signs calling him a "faggot". The Firebirds' opponents even shout homophobic slurs during the game. During the first half, Dev cannot focus because of all of the hate surrounding him.

But after a few encouraging texts from Lee, Dev brushes off the comments and goes on to win the game for the Firebirds.

Out of Position Out of Position
Out of Position Out of Position
Out of Position Out of Position
Out of Position Out of Position
Out of Position Out of Position
Out of Position Out of Position
Out of Position Out of Position
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Out of Position

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