Transportation or Transformation?

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Our mobility work in those cities is happening while city governments across the United States are confronting major mobility challenges—and opportunities. The composition of U. In fact, the U. More people mean more strain on the infrastructure that helps us get from A to B. And, although urbanization brings many positive developments, the average American loses scores of hours waiting in traffic each year and incurs more transportation-related expenses than any other except for housing. Climate change is also heavily exacerbated by our transport-related habits.

Cities contribute 67 percent of all the greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere.

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The transportation sector is the second-biggest source of greenhouse gases, with personal mobility responsible for 15 percent of U. Fortunately, as aggressive urbanization continues to sweep America, clear opportunities exist for cities to defeat traffic, pollution, and transport inefficiencies. The federal government recognizes this critical opportunity. Beyond Traffic , a report issued by the United States Department of Transportation DOT , details how economic, technological, and climatic change will impact how we move around, and challenges cities to think differently about how people and goods can travel more efficiently and more economically.

Kohler said, you can simply board a transit vehicle without paying or tapping a card. MaaS is another private player that has emerged, selling monthly bundles that give customers combinations of transportation, with trip-planning and billing streamlined. The company is operational in both Helsinki and Birmingham, England. There are several apps on the market that can tell someone how long it will take to get from one place to another by foot, bike, car or transit.

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Many transit agencies have the technology to tell would-be riders when the next vehicle is coming. But what the cities at the forefront of integrated mobility do is tie together a number of these capabilities, offering a user-friendly package. One of its first tasks is to tackle the region's overly complex fare structure, in which transit passengers are faced with more than different possible fares.

He is looking ahead to a future where Montreal's fare card could be used for multiple types of purchase. TransLink , Vancouver's regional transportation authority, includes in its year vision, the goal of developing a platform that would bring together payment, ticketing, trip planning and travel rewards, incorporating all the various modes and services on offer throughout the region.

Calgary, meanwhile, is taking a wait-and-see approach. In Toronto, the situation is complicated. The Toronto Transit Commission is the country's most heavily used transit agency. Whether the TTC wants to pursue this future, though, is a decision for its board. Upfold said it's an existential question the board will have to tackle: This is a space where subscribers can engage with each other and Globe staff. Non-subscribers can read and sort comments but will not be able to engage with them in any way.

Who Will Lead The Transportation Transformation?

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These little boxes, make that batteries mostly cylindrical , will determine the pace of the EV rollout as the correlation between the price, as measured in fewer dollars per kilowatt-hour, and the time it takes for EVs to rule the world is sure to be very high. One of the most remarkable business decisions in recent history if not ever was made by Andrew Grove and Gordon Moore, the CEO and Founder of Intel, to abandon a technology they invented, memory devices, and bet the company arguably the most important company in the world over the last 50 years on microprocessors.

It turned out to be a good bet. Above and beyond filling up EVs, batteries have already started to matter at the grid level. California responded admirably and quickly to a crisis which developed in the wake of a leak at the Aliso Canyon gas storage facility near LA, which constricted fuel supplies throughout the region.

Delivering change: The transformation of commercial transport by 2025

The more renewable energy that can be stored during the day, the reasoning went, the less need to fire up fossil fuel generators as electricity demand increases in the evening. Some utility executives already talk in glowing terms about the long-term effects of low cost battery storage systems. Of course, if the Martians land here first, and look around, they may be forgiven for thinking that cars are the most important life form on this planet. They would notice in the USA, anyway that the biggest room in most buildings is the garage.

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They would also notice massive structures in cities filled with these creatures. The cars come in all shapes, sizes and colors; the attendants pretty much all look alike. Occasionally, smaller four-legged creatures jump into them, but it is not clear what their function is, other than possibly to provide irrigation when they emerge. The good news, from the Martian perspective, is that at least some of these enlightened beings are drawing energy from the sun, via silicon on the rooftop.

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Maybe there is intelligent life on Earth after all. Oil Futures Trading The materials provided on this Web site are for informational and educational purposes only and are not intended to provide tax, legal, or investment advice. Nothing contained on the Web site shall be considered a recommendation, solicitation, or offer to buy or sell a security to any person in any jurisdiction. Iran Sanctions Raise Supply Concerns. A Race for Windmills.

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Transportation or Transformation? Transportation or Transformation?
Transportation or Transformation? Transportation or Transformation?
Transportation or Transformation? Transportation or Transformation?
Transportation or Transformation? Transportation or Transformation?
Transportation or Transformation? Transportation or Transformation?
Transportation or Transformation? Transportation or Transformation?
Transportation or Transformation? Transportation or Transformation?

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