Visual Design for the Modern Web

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8 Modern Website Design Elements and Trends

The primary task of graphic design is to create a strong, consistent visual hierarchy in which important elements are emphasized and content is organized logically and predictably. Readers first see pages as large masses of shape and color, with foreground elements contrasting against the background field. Then they begin to pick out specific information, first from graphics if they are present, and only after this do they start parsing the harder medium of text and begin to read individual words and phrases fig.

The overall graphic balance and organization of the page is crucial to drawing the user into your content. A page of solid text will repel the casual reader with a mass of undifferentiated gray, without obvious cues to the structure of your information. A page dominated by poorly designed or overly bold graphics or typography will also distract or repel users seeking substantive content. You will need to strike an appropriate balance between attracting the eye with visual contrast and providing a clear sense of organization, through the variations in contrast that result from proper proximities, groupings, figure-ground relationships, and headings.

Visual balance and appropriateness to the intended audience are the keys to successful design decisions. The most effective designs for general audiences employ a careful balance of text and links with relatively small graphics. These pages load quickly yet have substantial graphic impact fig. Color and contrast are key components of universal usability. Color differentiation depends mostly on brightness and saturation.

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Black text on a white background has the highest level of contrast since black has no brightness and white is all brightness. Hue is also a factor, with complementary colors, such as blue and yellow, producing the greatest contrast. Be sure your color choices do not make it hard for users to distinguish text from background. Also, never forget that almost 10 percent of male readers have some trouble distinguishing fine shades of red from shades of green fig. Web pages viewed on mobile devices are usually compromised by the mobile environment: Test your designs on a number of devices and laptops and in a variety of conditions, especially if you are using subtle colors to define important page functions or content.

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Horizontal rules, decorative graphic bullets, prominent icons, and other visual markers have their occasional uses, but apply each sparingly if at all to avoid a patchy and confusing layout. The tools of graphic emphasis are powerful and should be used only in small doses for maximum effect. Color palettes chosen from nature are an almost infallible guide to color harmony, particularly if you are not a trained graphic designer. Once we were happy with the look and feel of the designs we moved to isolating each component.

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This allowed us to ensure each component was flexible enough to work anywhere on the website. We were very conscious to not get sign-off on any design work. Designs are likely to change regardless of whether we get sign-off or not. Generally we are happy to accommodate any changes at any point in the project timeline.

Sign-off became an irrelevant step in the process that only put pressure on both sides to the detriment of the relationship. Knowing when to move from Photoshop to code is important. This step is much earlier than we were used to for two reasons:. Instead of spending additional time in Photoshop we opted to invest the time in code. If we should perfect anything, it should be the code, the bit that will actually be used and seen by all the website users.

For us, Photoshop was a tool for creating a design style that could be used across the website. Design is much more about collaboration between everyone on the team. Mockups were still a very important part of the process, helping the client to visualize how the site would look. If we were all happy with the general direction of the design, we would move it to code. We rarely spent time going backwards and forwards making amends to Photoshop documents.

12 Trends in Web Design for Designers and Entrepreneurs

Photoshop is a great tool for creating design concepts. Moving to code as soon as possible is important. Perfect it in code, not Photoshop. It is important to note that these are loose steps in our project process. If we need something new during the project, we will generally treat it as a standalone, modular component that can be dropped into the website and adopt the design theme of the site. Each of these steps offers a point where we can review our work so far. It also allows for a fresh set of eyes to see things from a different perspective.

Catching poor usability early is key for a successful website. Going back and wire-framing these parts of the website will make the project better when it goes live. Catching these early will make the project better when it goes live. We spent days working together to ensure every part of the website was finished to a high standard.

We tested as many scenarios as possible, ensuring the browsing experience was consistent. Once the data is in the website we are able to fully test the website. We can check the speed, ease of navigation and most importantly the purchasing flow. Everyone mentions Apple for being perfectionists but I am sure their first attempts were far from perfect. It takes time and dedication to make those final improvements to give us the products we love today.

Visual design for the modern web

Using our device lab, that includes most of the popular devices and platforms, we were able to ensure that the experience was the optimized on as many of the latest platforms and screen sizes as possible. Learning from each project is important so we can continually improve processes that lead to better websites. When working in an agency, we may have dozens of projects currently in development simultaneously. If you use your imagination, the three lines that are stacked on top of one another look like hamburger patties. Removing a busy navigation makes the experience cleaner and distraction free.

This improved experiences help to improve the likelihood that the user will find the information they need to complete a desired action. You may have noticed that many B2B websites are starting to display large product images on their sites to highlight different features or parts of their product. The images are also responsive which aims to ensure an optimized experience for viewers coming from different devices, as we mentioned earlier. Larger product images help designers highlight different features of a product in a more efficient and effective way.

For instance, in the second image, you will notice that there are numbers on the image corresponding with benefits of certain features. These large images are also scan-friendly. They help visitors generate a solid understanding of what the different product features do by convey them through images instead of words.

With the rise of Pinterest, designers and marketers alike have become fascinated with cards.

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Individual cards help distribute information in a visual way so the visitors can easily consume bite-sized pieces of content without being overwhelmed. This helps to keep the homepage feeling clean and organized, without relying on a ton of text. Using this design on your site can help highlight multiple products or solutions side-by-side.

Visual Design for the Modern Web: General Interest

These short videos are great at bringing your solution to life, while not overwhelming the visitor with a long experience that they must sit through. They display this short illustrator of how easy it is to use their product by dragging-and-dropping a design directly on their homepage:. These short videos allow for your prospect to quickly understand value without watching a really long, in-depth experience.

Sure, both have value, but the shorter videos allows for quick understanding that is best for top of the funnel. Sales 1 Integrations HubSpot integrations with apps, tools, and software you use every day. Customer Stories Case Studies Reviews.

Visual Design for the Modern Web Visual Design for the Modern Web
Visual Design for the Modern Web Visual Design for the Modern Web
Visual Design for the Modern Web Visual Design for the Modern Web
Visual Design for the Modern Web Visual Design for the Modern Web
Visual Design for the Modern Web Visual Design for the Modern Web

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