Chain Reaction

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Doing so with an energy- or science-based technology can seem nearly impossible. Complex technical challenges, long development cycles, expensive lab equipment, and impatient investors create high hurdles for even the most determined innovators to overcome. Chain Reaction Innovations CRI is a new two-year program for innovators focused on energy and science technologies.

Through an annual call, four to six teams will be selected to join CRI.

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The future depends on it. At the same time, leading scientists say we need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent.

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The only way to accomplish both is to develop revolutionary new technologies. These technologies will create a more sustainable future and forever change the lives of the nearly 1.

Chain Reaction Cycles, Alaska

Biological catalysts create chains of reactions. In other words, a molecule chemically transformed by one catalyst serves as the starting material, or substrate, of a second catalyst and so on.

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  • In this way, catalysts use the small molecules brought into the cell from the outside environment to create…. The two reactions in which bromine is regenerated are known as the chain-propagating steps. The average number of times the pair of steps is repeated is known as the chain length.

    Overcoming the World’s Energy and Science Challenges Requires Big Ideas and Big Tools

    Similar chains involving transient free radicals are involved in the halogenation of many other organic molecules, in many of the polymerization reactions that are employed in the manufacture of plastics and synthetic rubber,…. More About Chain reaction 4 references found in Britannica articles Assorted References major reference In chemical reaction: Chain reactions occurrences cellular metabolism In cell: The molecules of cells composite reaction mechanisms In chemical kinetics: Composite reaction mechanisms reactions with radicals In radical: Help us improve this article!

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    Chain Reaction

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