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Its flesh tastes better afterward, they say, owever, I… Three or four tablespoonsful of alcohol, then the bathroom or a package to put in the rubbish. Rising p past the third floor, the rabbit was moving in the palm of my hand. Sara was waiting upstairs to help me get the valises in… Could I explain that it was a whim? Something about passing a pet store?

I wrapped the tiny creature in my handkerchief, put him into my overcoat pocket, leaving the overcoat unbuttoned so as not to squeeze him. His miniscule consciousness would be revealing important facts: I could hardly get the bathroom door closed; to kill it now.

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A delicate area of heat surrounded the handkerchief, the little rabbit was extremely white and, I think, prettier than the others. I shut him in the empty medicine chest and went on unpacking, disoriented but not unhappy, not feeling guilty, not soaping up my hands to get off the feel of a final convulsion. I realized that I could not kill him.

But that same night I vomited a black bunny. And two days later another white one. And on the fourth night a tiny grey one. You must love the handsome wardrobe in your bedroom, with its great door that opens so generously, its empty shelves awaiting my clothes. Now I have them in there. True, it seems impossible; not even Sara would believe it.

They sleep during the day.

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There are ten of them. During the day they sleep. With the door closed, the wardrobe is a diurnal night for them alone, where they sleep out their night in a sedate obedience.

EL PRÍNCIPE SIN DEFECTOS - Cuentos para dormir - Cuentos De Hadas Españoles

When I leave for work I take the bedroom keys with me. I let them out, they hop agilely to the party in the living room, sniffing briskly at the clover hidden in my pockets which makes ephemeral lacy patterns on the carpet which they alter, remove, finish up in a minute. Almost all of them white They lift their warm heads toward the lamps in the living room, the three motionless suns of their day; they love the light because their night has neither moon nor sun nor stars nor streetlamps.

De sombras y claridad:: cuentos (Spanish Edition)

They gaze at their triple sun and are content. You remember that i came to your place for some rest. Like that, Andrea, or some other way, but always like that.

Hazle completo el cuento

What a relief this office is! Filled with shouts, commands, Royal typewriters, vice presidents and mimeograph machines! What a relief, what peace, what horror, Andrea! That lamp with the porcelain belly full of butterflies and old cowboys, do you like that very much? I slept a little stretched out on the green sofa, waking up at every velvety-soft dash, every slightest clink I put them in the wardrobe and do the cleaning up. Andrea, dear Andrea, my consolation is that there are ten of them and no more.

I was interrupted because I had to attend a committee meeting. Is it really the next day, Andrea?

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How tell you that in the interval everything has gone smash? But not with eleven, because to say eleven is already to say twelve for sure, and Andrea, twelve would be thirteen. Here are the most popular phrases with "malvado. We've combined the most accurate English to Spanish translations, dictionary, verb conjugations, and Spanish to English translators into one very powerful search box. Inaccurate Unclear Missing translations Missing conjugations Other.

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    Cuentos (Spanish Edition) Cuentos (Spanish Edition)
    Cuentos (Spanish Edition) Cuentos (Spanish Edition)
    Cuentos (Spanish Edition) Cuentos (Spanish Edition)
    Cuentos (Spanish Edition) Cuentos (Spanish Edition)
    Cuentos (Spanish Edition) Cuentos (Spanish Edition)
    Cuentos (Spanish Edition) Cuentos (Spanish Edition)
    Cuentos (Spanish Edition) Cuentos (Spanish Edition)
    Cuentos (Spanish Edition) Cuentos (Spanish Edition)

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