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He has a background in industrial design, so it only took him an hour to conceive and a further 60 minutes to manufacture with his Monoprice Select Mini v2 3D printer. The adapter should, in theory, work with a host of Canon lens.

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For his first photography session, however, Ekeler wanted to capture images that would normally be impossible with the standard Game Boy Camera lens. That meant a piece of telephoto glass -- the biggest one he could find, given Nintendo's peripheral has a tiny sensor and a ridiculous That meant a mm, along with a 1. The large lens made shooting a challenge, however.

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The weight distribution isn't ideal and there's no tripod mount on the Game Boy Color. Ekeler captured his images handheld with one finger on the shutter button and his other hand adjusting the focus of the lens. His first batch of images include birds, boats and even the moon.

The latter was particularly tricky, according to Ekeler, because the Game Boy Color doesn't have a backlit screen. It was also hard to find the moon because the camera preview refreshes at roughly one frame per second in low-light conditions. Another heartwarming example of a negative online experience turned positive is when a woman was cat-fished by an older man on a dating site after using photos of a Turkish model to make her think he was younger and more handsome.

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When she discovered the truth, she reached out to the model and told him someone was using his photos for online scams. The two then began chatting online until they started dating. They now live together in London.

The Photos Got Surprisingly Better and Better

Joel said that local children did not have the money for school supplies because they were so poor. Money for notebooks, backpacks, and pencils WAS scarce. Hi there , i am always happy to see publications that shed light on the roman scam issues.

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    They may have persuaded you, but you made the loan yourself. I hope our story and your comment can alert people to scams online.

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    The Camera Guy The Camera Guy
    The Camera Guy The Camera Guy
    The Camera Guy The Camera Guy
    The Camera Guy The Camera Guy
    The Camera Guy The Camera Guy
    The Camera Guy The Camera Guy

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