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After months of dating despite their differences Laura being a wild girl and a bit of a partier, Seth being more conservative and a hard worker the two are in love and going strong. But Seth's past continues to haunt their present relationship and the two find themselves at odds on where their life path leads them. The world owes you nothing, but you can take your piece of it. All you have to do is work hard and claim it. I loved Laura and Seth's story, I honestly could feel their love for each other, it was a very powerful romance.

Seth and Laura worked well together despite their differences and worked hard on lowering their defenses around each other. Laura was my favorite part about this book, I love imperfect heroines and she felt like a real person to me. She didn't want to spend her life spewing out bullshit so she did what she wanted. Small warning, Laura did some recreational drug use but it honestly didn't bother me all too much because well, that's life and people use drugs. Reality of our world and all.

The only thing preventing me from giving this book a full 5 stars is the whole not enough groveling thing I'm always getting on about. Seth fucks up big time in my opinion and he honestly didn't grovel as much as I'd like. I also didn't understand a lot of his reasoning and decisions for the things he did, maybe because I didn't have his perspective.

Laura I understood a lot more, but probably because I was able to see her side of things. I read Loving the White Liar before this book and while I enjoyed that one, this one left a mark on my heart. For those of my friends who love angsty romance reads, I highly recommend this book. View all 39 comments. Apr 17, Christy rated it really liked it. Not all romances and love stories are hearts and flowers. Room depicted that. This was a raw story of a girl trying to find herself.

She found her first love along the way. It was full of heartache and drama. But it was real. Laura has been let down by love. Laura is a 4 Stars! Laura is a bartender who just broke up with her boyfriend of two years. A frisbee thrown by a golden boy. When she first sees Seth, she knows he is entirely out of her league. Laura lives day to day, no real ambitions. She dabbles in recreational drugs, works at the bar and lives her life by her own rules.

Seth is nothing like that. He is ambitious, a hard worker. When he shows up at her bar the same night as the frisbee incident, she sees him in a different light. Eventually, she agrees to go on a date with him. Seth and Laura quickly fall into a pattern of spending all their free time together.

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They are very different, but they both click. Their relationship is far from perfect, but they grow to develop strong feelings for one another. As time passes, Laura falls in love. She gives her heart away to Seth. It should work out from there If only it could be that easy Once your heart decides to give itself away, time has nothing to do with it. Laura and Seth fight. Never have I had such a love and hate relationship with someone.

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That boy made me feel like I was bipolar. One minute I was in love, the next I wanted to punch him. Some of the things he did and choices he made broke my heart. I usually love the guys and am easily annoyed by the women. This story was the exact opposite. Laura was my favorite character by far. As I said before, Seth pissed me off half the book. The other half, I loved him view spoiler [Thankfully, by the end, I loved him.

Once I hit the point I knew I needed to go to bed, I had to stay up and finish. I needed to see what would happen between Laura and Seth.

I am a fan of ansty reads. I also love second chance romances. These two do get a second chance at love after the first time blows up. I loved the person Laura became. She made the book for me. It was neat to see the meaningfulness of the title, and I also thought the karma theme worked well. View all 46 comments. Room was recommended to be quite some time ago and time had just gotten away from me until I could sit down and devour this story.

So no time but the present.. If you're not a fan of angst, don't bother. It's actually a book where if I describe much, I think readers may run for the hills! The heroine is Laura Sedwick, ex trus 4. The heroine is Laura Sedwick, ex trust fund baby that broke up with her parents for a life of bar-tending, recreational drugs, and just living day by day.

Until she's asleep in a park homeless and hit smack dab in the mouth with a frisbee golf disc. Ouch- blood spewing everywhere from her mouth. So much for a nice night's sleep afternoon nap in the park! And the thrower of said disc? A gorgeous strawberry blonde Adonis named Seth.

Uh, what's your name? I think it's safe to say that their relationship in general continues along this crazy path. Passionate in every sense of the word. Their chemistry was palpable and I immediately fell in love with this career-driven polar opposite guy named Seth. Kate Stewart took two very different people with different goals and drives and when you mixed the two- the combination was explosive.

But isn't that how life usually rolls? Opposites do attract and the best plans get thrown out the window. Those readers looking for a love story with the typical boy meets girl, they fall in love, marry and have 2. These two protagonists make many mistakes, aren't always mature nor do they always know what they want- out of relationships or life in general.

Seth appeared to have his ducks in a row But because of that, this story is realistic to me. In fact, I found so many similarities between myself and my husband and this couple- their relationship. I think that is why I didn't strangle my kindle or throw it against the wall. I know that kind of love. I live it everyday. They lived passionately, loved passionately, and fought passionately. I don't know which aspect I liked the most- their loving or their fighting! You largely resemble one right now.

Her plot lines feature characters and situations that happen in true life and they're not always so pretty. I pretty much wanted to junk punch Seth on more than one occasion. But through the journey with these two- and it's some journey- I found myself laughing out loud at one heck of a sun poisoning fighting for the toilet scene Fanning myself on more than one steamy interlude between two off the charts passionate MCs Threatening to throw my kindle against the wall because of two confused MCs that need to pull their heads out of their arses!

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Room is a second chance romance between two very different people that, no matter how unsuited they are, they're perfect for each other. It has all the elements of love, lust, and even hate to deliver an off-the-charts angst that had me finishing this in essentially one long sitting. The characters aren't perfect and I found myself ready to throttle each of them on any given occasion but I got them.

View all 52 comments. I hit the freakin' angst mother lode with this book and what a sweet, heartbreaking ride it was.

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I didn't want it to end. This book was sooo good that I think I wouldn't have liked those books as much. They are nowhere as angsty! So let me explain the connection In this book, we have Laura and Seth who just happens to 4. The prologue is set in the present and it's pretty emotional but then we go back to the past fourteen years ago to when Laura and Seth first meet. They are both fresh out of relationships but are drawn to each other.

Laura's a free spirit to say the least and Seth likes things very planned out. They're both not what the other was expecting That changes very quickly I couldn't get enough I hated that I finished so fast. It was sooo sorely needed especially because he is a big fat jerk! I was even willing to give younger Seth a pass. Too bad older Seth is still a jerk although not quite as big of one!

The best part is the love story, well, who am I kidding Seriously, it was great reading about them falling in love I enjoyed how things worked out especially when Laura ends up in Texas There's also some teary moments such as when she goes to her Mom's If you're a fan of angsty, emotional books, I can't recommend this enough! Apparently, that didn't work out. Too bad because it would've been interesting to know more about him.

View all 47 comments. Apr 09, Lady Vigilante Feifei rated it it was ok Shelves: Combined with a hard-to-get-into writing style and certain word choices that rubbed me the wrong way, this book was a huge miss for me. Some things I liked: The cover The title and the meaning behind it — that was very unique and a nice twist The premise — b 2 STARS I think this is one of those books where it starts off wonderfully and as you gradually read, the original appeal of the story fades away and you start deducting stars because of the ridiculous character dialogue and underdeveloped plot.

Basically the book is about a young, wild rebel girl Laura who has no sense of direction in her life who meets Seth, a well-rounded and financially established guy. I have to say, I loved this part: The two of them take some time to know each other and pretty soon, there are signs of love from both. I think this is the point of the book where things started to go bad for me. Substitue the a for a s When I opened it, hair a total mess, in boxers, and a chocolate stained t-shirt, he raped me. A very joyous, happy occasion but for me the rape term marred it.

Again, supposed to have a nostalgic effect but I felt creeped out. Like someone doused a bucket of cold water on my head. But most importantly, this book hit on my number 1 pet peeve in books and that is massive character stupidity that keeps interfering with their relationship. What saved the first part of the book for me was Seth. He knows what he wants and he works to get it. With such a strong character profile, I expected his actions reflect that as well.

And one thing he said after the first sex scene drove me up a wall and I was tempted to DNF right then and there. Whatever happened to female dignity? However, the usage of some terms this is my personal preference of course combined with a lack of character development pretty much blew it for me. However, this is one of the few times I would still recommend it: Review copy kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

View all 31 comments. It is true that love is not always rainbows and sunshine. Not every happy ending is paved from perfectly laid plans of roses and devotion. The love story in Room was raw Laura is a 21 year old woman roaming into adulthood. With the 90s culture as her backdrop she is quite the free spirited soul. Unashamed of herself she embraces the rhythm of life. Drugs, booze, possible love, and definite sex abound.

Her life choices are questionable at best. She is hit in the face with fate It is true that love is not always rainbows and sunshine. She is hit in the face with fate when an errant Frisbee finds her in the park. She has no idea the man behind the throw would make her life as erratic as the object busting her lip! He is a "firm believer that if you want something you have to make it happen," and he lives by the motto "all you have to do is work hard and claim it. Sassy Laura is just coming into her own The only certainty at this point is an undeniable pull Welcome to the "angry angst" that is the love story of Seth and Laura.

From his errant Frisbee to his swoon worthy moments of romance, I found his steadfast focus on his "end goal" to be cold and calculating. I knew he wanted Laura I read his struggle, but I still found his actions louder than his words Whether falling in love, crash landing, or just existing for herself, she rocked. While Seth was fanning my ire, Laura was healing me.

In all her craziness of poor decision making and breaking down she showed the true ugly side of love. She brought out the consuming lust and desire, the angry heartbreak, and the constant insecurity that accompany a dysfunctional relationship. I found my footing though, and I took the hard road to do it. I figured out a few things. Kate Stewart never sticks to the norm. She gave a completely dysfunctional love story of want and need. She made an interesting case of "is love enough? This read will be hit and miss for many. It is often frustrating. It is chalk full of poor decisions and passionate rants.

Stubbornness, defiance, forgiveness, scorching sex, and emotional upheaval. That is what makes Seth and Laura. That is what is found in Room Enter at your own risk and remember "love is a lot of things , but it is not kind. View all 19 comments. Feb 24, Fabi rated it it was amazing Shelves: I don't do well with sad books and this book had some sad parts.

It also had a lot of those "noooo don't do that" moments along with those "awww so sweet" ones. Honest to goodness, real tears.

These MCs gutted me. A few editting issues. If you like ultra angsty reads, don't miss out on this one. View all 45 comments. This will be short and sweet! Loved this story so much!! Kate Stewart you definitely know how to write an angsty love story!! Mar 28, Feminista rated it did not like it Shelves: I took some time to write this review. I spent about an hour after finishing the book, reviewing what I read and how I felt about it.

An hour later, I am not feeling better. Which is quite a pity because I loved this author's other novel Loving the White Liar. He is doing pretty well. Works three jobs, studies full time.

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He goes to posh restaurants and drives luxury cars. It's all his money, no trus Rating: It's all his money, no trust fund baby this one. He meets the heroine. A loud, mouthy bad girl. A bartender who does drugs. Pretty much a life on the wild side for him. And it was just that.

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The heroine hears him on the phone with his ex the morning after their first night together. She hears him tell his ex that he loves the ex, that he has to go and that no he is not with a girl. When the heroine asks him about it, he tells her he loves his ex but its complicated enough that it allows him to date her. After a couple of splendid weeks together, he drops her for his ex. I know what you are thinking, I was thinking it too. Where is the redeeming reason?

Surely he had a reason. I kept on reading, knowing I would find a good reason for his utter stupidity. Like maybe the ex now-not-so-ex was psychotic and she would go on a murdering rampage if he didn't stay with her or maybe the ex just lost someone dear and he didn't want to leave her out of guilt. I tell you, it was pretty shocking. There was nothing redeeming about it. Basically he had his fun with the wild side with the heroine.

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He was now ready for his idea of perfect which involves the ex and the ex only. So the hero and heroine bump into one another several times. He stammers that she doesn't understand. Perhaps typical of Bishopston businesses is Room , an art gallery owned by mixed media artist Sarah Thorp and run as collective by the people who show there. One popular print, entitled Coffee and the Paper, by local artist Hannah Broadway depicts an espresso pot, a coffee cup and a copy of guess which organ. The derelict Victorian warehouse behind the shop was a bit of an eyesore, so eventually she had it demolished.

She hails originally from Tobago, which may explain her unorthodox attitude to building: The lime-rendered one-up, one-down cottage we see when we park by a willow hedge on the lane behind the gallery is wood-framed reusing timbers from the warehouse with wood board exterior walls. Located perfectly opposite Cabot Circus shopping centre our modern contemporary hotel Hampton by Hilton Bristol City Centre is ideally situated in the heart of the city Clifton's luxury boutique town house - contemporary comfort with gorgeous rooms and Contemporary hotel, with spacious rooms, located adjacent to the Cabot Circus shopping Selection of luxury one, two and four bedroom serviced apartments conveniently close to Serviced apartments located in Quakers Friars, Bristol's premium shopping quarter.

Ideally suited to single travellers, couples and families they have a mixture of rooms Looking for a City Break with a difference? The Old Barn at Trymwood could be just what Durdham Hall offers modern and attractive self-catering accommodation. An elegant 24 bed facility situated in the heart of Clifton, surrounded by the University Luxury developed flats nestled in Clifton providing the home away from home.

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