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Sparks Against Darkness

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It works brilliantly with the rules feeling natural fairly quickly and a couple of bookmarks for quick reference when needed. So quick to get going its literally pencil,graph sheet,rubber, 2d6 and the book and your off into another world.. I've spent ten times that on one table top rpg and had less fun Purchased awhile ago as I had been playing the fighting fantasy books by Ian Livingstone and wanted something with a little more depth. This book is great if you want a classic dungeon crawl experience in a simplified format, it manages to still like an epic experience and it's enjoyable to see the dungeon forming as you map it yourself on grid paper.

As with all RPG experiences the game is a lot more fun if you use some creativeity and embellish the dungeon with your own elements to add to the varied tables in the book. The appeal for me is that I can carry this around easily and play at work or on the train etc and feel like I'm getting a fairly immersive experience without a ton of setup. Will be purchasing the add-ons too, good effort. I bought this as a pdf download rather than as a book from Amazon. I was surprised just how good this game is. I couldn't see how a solo RPG could be any fun as I thought that the enjoyment came from the interaction with the other players and games master but 4AD has proved me wrong.

I have played this on my own and found it a real hoot.

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I have also played it with one of my sons, having two characters each, and it was just as much fun. Ideal if you have a few minutes or hours to spend. You take a team of four adventurers into an underground network, hunting for treasure and seeking to slay the final boss monster. All instructions are carefully and simply explained, with examples given where useful. Each of these classes has its own strengths and weaknesses, and how the team is formed will deeply affect the game itself.

Second, you have an opportunity to buy equipment to enhance the team from bandages to weapons to spells. Next, beginning the game proper, the player uses dice to randomly select the first chamber of the underground dungeons to be explored. The shape of the room is marked onto a sheet of gridded paper, which will slowly form the map of your progress. Much of the game involves dice-rolls and checking results in tables.

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What does a new room contain? What kind of monsters are you to face? What traps or treasures? Combat is resolved with dice-rolls, as you would expect. There is a strategic element to the fighting too: Monsters come in a number of classes: Vermin, Minions, Weird and Boss including the ultimate enemy, the dragon. Players will discover other nuances, such as the option to search rooms for secrets, that also add depth to the game. There is no known cure and very few survivors left fighting "against the dark".

The survivors in the hospital are shown to be scared, isolated and untrusting. As the characters work their way through the hospital, they drift apart numerous times, often getting lost and attacked. To make matters worse for the survivors, a massive army base is planning to "sterilize" bomb the area at dawn.

Against the Darkness: 3.1.3

The survivors explain that there is only one functioning exit from the hospital and they have to get to this exit before the emergency power runs out and they are shut inside. To make matters worse many of the stairways and elevators are blocked off, forcing them to make their way level by level, finding a way to the next one down to gain the exit. Meanwhile, Cross Linden Ashby tries to prevent Lt. Waters Keith David from unleashing a bombing raid on the hospital. A number of survivors and a hunter are killed and a different hunter is infected as they make their way out of the hospital.

A survivor is captured by a human to be fed on by his infected daughter, but is rescued by Tao. As the humans make their way out a horde of infected chase them. As they exit the hospital just in time before the power fails the vampires become trapped inside.

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The surviving humans then run as jet planes bomb the forsaken hospital. Rob Hunter of FilmSchoolRejects. Hunter praises Tanoai Reed a cousin and stunt double of Dwayne Johnson as the one bright spot of the film, delivering top-notch fight scenes, even if his acting could do with improvement.

Against the Darkness Against the Darkness
Against the Darkness Against the Darkness
Against the Darkness Against the Darkness
Against the Darkness Against the Darkness
Against the Darkness Against the Darkness

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