Confessions of a Pantywaist Killer

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Someone, and that meant Duck, really should have given him a heads up that the psychologist was there, too, and he would be giving him a piece of his mind later. Meanwhile, he was determined to get to the bottom of this and get back to what he should be focused on, which was putting away dirtbags and not playing footsie with the shrink.

Never one to beat around the bush, he dispensed with greetings and plunged right in. Ducky winced; knowing that Rule 22 was a particularly important one of Gibbs' rules, and breaking that rule would definitely mean that Jethro would not be a happy camper. He'd just have to suck it up, but still everyone else was going to feel the weight of his thwarted prey drive and that wouldn't be pleasant.

Gibbs' social skills, especially with psychological and legal types, was notoriously AWOL, not that he was exactly Mr. Conviviality even at the best of times. Gibbs was shocked at what for Ducky was a reply that was verging on the profane, but his only indication of that was a slight widening of his eyes before examining the reactions of the JAG lawyer and the head-shrinker. Both of them looked startled, but not shocked, and that caused Gibbs to examine his friend more closely, and he could see that the ME was extremely distressed. Although Gibbs would never apologise as it was a sign of weakness, he decided to calm down a bit and find out what had his old friend in such a state.

Ducky had a lifetime of experience, as evidenced by the fact that he had an analogy or anecdote for almost every occasion. He wasn't easily rattled, or at least he never usually showed it if he was; so this reaction was worrying to say the least. Gibbs moved to the conference table and sank into a chair, glaring at his friend, but the heat had been turned down several degrees as he directed his gaze at the medical examiner.

Just as his friend was about to answer, there was an electronic beep from Lieutenant Commander Coleman's Blackberry, which Gibbs had learnt indicated that there was a message arriving that had been sent in text rather than a verbal one. Wordlessly, the lawyer read the message before exchanging enigmatic stares with Ducky and Dr. Faber, before answering the unspoken question that hung in the air. I guess we know for sure why he was so damned cocky today. Tony also mentioned to me last week that Howard had been hanging round NCIS and I would hazard a guess he's been digging more dirt. Ducky looked across at Gibbs.

And before you jump down my throat for suggesting it, we have a serious situation here and you and I are the only ones that can set it to rights. Before he could respond, Faith Coleman nodded in agreement. Then we are going to be spending the next few hours strategizing about how we are going to try and fix this. I need your head in this game. If there was one thing that Gibbs hated most, it was being out of the loop, and the other thing he hated almost as much was to have other people telling him his business.

He was damned if he was going to tolerate either. Interrogation had become a substitute for his activity as a sniper, and he wasn't about to give up the adrenaline rush he experienced when he nailed his target. Now, unless ya want to keep Leon waiting, then I suggest you pull your heads outta your asses and tell me what's wrong. Faith rolled her eyes at him in a manner that was reminiscent of DiNozzo and Gibbs found that irked him no end. He thrived on scaring the crap out of people, or at least pissing them off, and he noticed that the shrink was watching him with a gimlet eye as well. He really didn't know if he despised shrinks or lawyers more, and today he had to put up with both of them.

This day was just getting better and better. The diminutive medical examiner stood swiftly and propped himself against the door, effectively blocking his exit. Gibbs blinked in shock. Did Ducky just call him an ass? He looked at the two women in the room who were trying not to react at all, but Susan Faber couldn't control the gleam in her eyes, and Gibbs didn't know whether to be furious or to be concerned about his friend's mental state. He noted that Ducky nodded at Coleman imperceptivity to continue.

Howard accused him of doing it because he has Narcissistic Personality Disorder and is such an inferior agent to the rest of your team that he was desperate for the admiration and attention.

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Faber here assures me that it isn't the case, that Tony is no more narcissistic than I am. We can't convict him without Special Agent DiNozzo's testimony and the evidence. By the way he was talking in court today, it's entirely possible that he thinks he has a good shot at getting them to say that they don't think he's up to the standard of the MCRT," Faith explained patiently.

Isn't that Trial Tactics ? All he could think of was getting back to Lieutenant Baker's scumbag of a husband. The asshole didn't deserve a family and he could feel the rage building up at the injustice of such a slime bag like that, having a wife plus a baby on the way and he'd killed them, while someone like Gibbs would have done anything to save his own family, but had lost them anyway.

He wanted to take out his rage on the excrement downstairs and these idiots were getting in his road. Later, he decided that had to be why he was so dense that he didn't see the trap Faith Coleman had laid and why he walked right into the ambush. You see, if I discredit you and your team, then I also can't use your evidence to put Rixon Wells away for second degree murder and dealing of illicit substances.

So you do see my dilemma, don't you? What do you suggest that I do? Gibbs felt as if the JAG lawyer had smashed him in the gut with a length of two by four. Instead the ME was holding his gaze and looking guilty, ashamed and even more importantly, making no attempt to absolve Gibbs like he usually did. It implies that we all believe he is a narcissist, and as these two astute young women have pointed out, are we certain that the rest of the team knows it was just a joke?

If they are on the stand and under oath, what are they going to say? What are you going to say about why you have been going behind his back for years with this childish joke? My worry is that other people will likely have heard your team joking about DiNozzo and that makes it much more difficult to brush it aside as simply a bad joke.

pantywaist 3 Manual

He's going to try and bury him, and if he's successful Wells will walk, and then any other cases where Special Agent DiNozzo's evidence has been crucial in securing a conviction will be subject to appeal. Gibbs was pissed that this was happening. He wanted to be ripping Baker a new one, not playing tiddlywinks with a shrink and a lawyer. Damn DiNozzo for being such a damned narcissistic SOB with his expensive designer clothes and namby pamby hair products.

The guy left himself open to the team joking about him; it wasn't his fault that they had a little fun at Tony's expense sometimes. His hand was itching from the intense longing for his palm to connect with DiNozzo's head, repeatedly and with vigor. If that dirtbag Wells got off because of Dinozzo, he was gonna wish he'd been wearing suits from Sears that was for damn sure. Yet, there was another thing that was bothering him, too.

It was a private conversation unless you blabbed to someone. Before Ducky could respond, Faith leapt into the breach. And you weren't alone that day. Special Agent Lee was there when you came in and she heard what you said. A studio could, of course, just use its in-house writers to come up with new plot arcs on its own, and venture off into new territory. One imagines the animators complaining: Regardless, 3 is not a final solution.

The writers may spin out new arcs as long as they have airtime left, but sooner or later they will run out of time, and will need to resort to 1, 2, or…. The fourth and final major solution is to come up with a real ending. This approach can be understood as working in 2 ways:. Most plot-driven works have multiple story arcs which ultimately build up into the final ending arc.

10 Scary Confessions Caught on Tape

Hopefully you will have been working up to this the entire preceding season so that the end feels appropriately significant. A good example here is The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. There is no real ending yet to the series of light novels, but the viewer could be forgiven for thinking otherwise. In rare cases, the ending may be superior to any additional endings.

An example here would be the first season of the Gunslinger Girl anime: The ending is highly-regarded, but Gunslinger Girl got a second season which while it had a overarching plot, did not have a nearly as affecting ending. But sometimes there is no reasonable story arc to end with; sometimes there is only one story arc period. Take Hellsing , for example.

Aside from a few one-off episodes which build the world and include some early foreshadowings, there is only one large story arc with no end in sight. So what does one do? One comes up with an entirely original ending. So they had to come up with their own ending - a mediocre one. There is no doubt that the OVA adaptation , which started while the manga was still finishing but which was able to as an OVA Stall until the manga finished, is superior in every way to the old TV adaptation. The plot is the important thing. Naturally, Lights begins to use the Note and starts by systematically killing off criminals listed in public records.

They dispatch their best detective, L , to hunt Light down and bring him to justice. Light turns the Japanese police against L, but at the cost of narrowing down the pool of suspects so drastically that L puts Light at the top of the suspect list. The 2 join forces, and eventually Light manages to get L to accept a false premise about the Death Note, and engineers a situation where the false premise exculpates Light.

Out of suspicion, he kills L. If that were all there was, Death Note would be memorable enough as a kind of parody of Crime and Punishment where Raskolnikov is not a pantywaist but really is an ubermensch. But in killing L, Light has made mistakes - if one does not accept the false premise, it is clear that Light was the killer all along. Crucially, L was in possession of a Death Note and could have tested the premise and discovered its truth, but L had a self-imposed moral code which forbade winning in any dishonest way.

Although L had no problem setting up a death row inmate to be killed by Light, he apparently scrupled at killing more directly. We are led to believe that L could have saved himself and won if he had been willing to compromise his personal code, and that he was aware of this bind. Both seek a Death Note of their own. The second arc ends with a confrontation. Light has abandoned his Death Note and delegated his duties to a prosecutor named Teru Mikami who supports his efforts.

Mikami suspects that he is being watched by Near, and arranges a fake Death Note. When Mello unexpectedly kidnaps another follower of Light, he is killed by her - but Mikami discovers this too late and makes a beeline for the real Death Note, tipping off Near about the deception.

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Light and Near agree to meet in an abandoned warehouse to discuss the case. Both plan to make this first meeting the last: But the plan goes horribly awry. Light, certain that Mikami written down the names and doomed the others, begins boasting of his accomplishments and crowing over their defeat.

But they fail to die! His follower had been fooled - his Death Note was a fake, courtesy of Near, who switched it before the meeting. Now, the epilogue raises some questions. But, as one of the detectives observes, the follower was known as being a very meticulous, thorough, careful man - some of the reasons Light had chosen him.

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The stakes were as high as possible, and it was the work of moments to test his Death Note on a random person on live television. Was he truly just careless on that one day of all days? Reportedly in Death Note: How to Read 13 , the author Ohba comments that it is left to the reader to decide whether the detective is correct.

Given this, who won? That is my fundamental question. At the end of Death Note , who has triumphed? It is easy to say that Light, Mello, and L are all dead so the victor must be Near. But is it as simple as that? He carried out his mission for years. And we are led to believe that by his actions, crime dropped considerably saving or improving countless lives worldwide. After his death, crime rose again.

It is one of the questions in the background of the entire series: His opponents use moral means, but perhaps to immoral effect - the epilogue mutely comments on this dilemma, as grieving citizens memorialize Light and his quondam opponents go to a large drug bust. Further, it took the efforts of not 1 but 3 world-class genius detectives to finally bring him down, 2 of whom die in the process, and they never manage to so much as try or convict him - to say nothing of the probability that they managed that much only by resorting to Death Notes themselves and by implication, lowered themselves to his moral level.

In a sort of fourth-wall breaking, the shinigami stated early on that he set the plot in motion because he was looking to be entertained. While humans and shinigamis are dying left and right, Ryuk floats tranquilly onwards, enjoying his apples and the complex plotting. None of the other characters achieved all their objectives, as they either died, lost a person important to them, or were shown up. But what did Ryuk ever fail to accomplish?

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Depending on your view, the losers and victors swirl and mingle like tea leaves. Who won, who lost? Answer this and you have your skeleton key to Death Note. This is very quickly subverted: Light is told that users of the Death Note go neither to Heaven nor Hell but become nothing, a lie by omission inasmuch as Ryuk reveals that Heaven and Hell do not exist and all humans become nothing. The absence of such realms is a strong indicator there are no genuine gods of any kind in the Death Note universe, as one might expect they would become relevant at some point particularly the endings.

Similarly, while one might take the name shinigami or death god at face value, the shinigami play no role but that of being parasites on humanity - they kill humans who would die anyway in the absence of the so-called death gods!

Confessions of a Pantywaist Killer Confessions of a Pantywaist Killer
Confessions of a Pantywaist Killer Confessions of a Pantywaist Killer
Confessions of a Pantywaist Killer Confessions of a Pantywaist Killer
Confessions of a Pantywaist Killer Confessions of a Pantywaist Killer
Confessions of a Pantywaist Killer Confessions of a Pantywaist Killer
Confessions of a Pantywaist Killer Confessions of a Pantywaist Killer
Confessions of a Pantywaist Killer Confessions of a Pantywaist Killer

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