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Only 6 percent said they would not. By contrast, a Gallup survey asking the same thing showed just 46 percent saying they would vote for a Jewish president, while 47 said they would not. Certainly, Lieberman himself has encountered little anti-Semitism in his senatorial races.

In , the last time he ran, Lieberman won 67 percent of the vote — and took 65 percent of the vote among white Protestants and 64 percent among white Catholics, although the latter group tends to vote Democratic anyway. One thing Lieberman can count on is support from a Jewish community that tends to strongly support Democrats of any religious persuasion.

In the presidential election, 78 percent of Jewish voters surveyed said they had voted for Bill Clinton, while just 16 percent supported Bob Dole and 3 percent voted for Ross Perot. Among ethnic groups, only blacks tend to vote more heavily for Democrats. Orthodox Jews are those who observe the most traditional practices of the religion, including daily worship, restrictive dietary practices, and strict adherence to the Sabbath, the day of rest that runs from sundown on Friday to sundown on Saturday.

This means Orthodox Jews are prohibited from working during those hours and from driving or using other mechanical and electronic devices. According to Freundel, with whom he has discussed the matter, Lieberman draws a distinction between the actions he takes as a senator that can benefit others, such as voting on legislation, and those that would only benefit himself, such as campaigning.

Chapter One of 'The Jewish Candidate'

In the past, Lieberman has voted on legislation and participated in important meetings on Saturdays, though he walks to Capitol Hill to do so. But he skipped the state nominating convention in Connecticut in — a campaign-related activity — because it fell on a Saturday. Lieberman has given no indication that he would be willing to campaign during the major Jewish holidays — Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur and Sukkot — that fall in September and October, not far before Election Day.

If elected, Lieberman would then face questions about which vice-presidential duties he would be willing to fulfill during the Sabbath, including dealing with potential emergencies.

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Here too, the question of the public good would presumably be the main criterion for any decisions Lieberman would make about the Sabbath. His mantra was that Germany was under threat from its Muslim immigrants and should ditch the euro. Tietjen and his entourage, five men with neat, Hitler Youth haircuts and grey suits, disappeared into a back room. What was he doing down here? It was time to leave. He was far too short and puny to be a watchdog. He shot Carver a nervous glance. As Carver settled the bill, angry shouts echoed through the hall.

Everyone watched in shocked silence.

An Excerpt from The Jewish Candidate by David Crossland - SPIEGEL ONLINE

He heard voices around the corner and stepped into an alley next to the restaurant. One of the men punched the little guy in the stomach, hard. They stopped and stared at him. A broad-shouldered man with a porcine face walked up to Carver and stood so close that he could smell the sausage on his breath. It made him want to retch. They were about the same height. He looked at their brutish, empty faces, just discernible in the light from the street.

The man in front of him put his hand in his jacket and pulled out a digital camera. The flash blinded Carver. They pushed him against a fence and walked off. He turned to the man squatting on the concrete floor holding his stomach. I work in Berlin.

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Were you here for them too? He tilted his head back to stop a nose bleed. They walked up the steep, deserted street and came to a bench overlooking the town and the valley beyond. He fished a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket and lit one. The flame illuminated his face. He had a cherubic face but there were pronounced wrinkles around his bulbous grey eyes. Carver guessed he was in his late thirties, prematurely aged by fags, booze and late nights. Get them doing community service for a few weeks.

It would be a bad headline for Tietjen before the election. Cost me euros. Who do you work for? A contact of mine works for the FNP leader in Saxony.

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A neo-Nazi to the core. They sat in silence. Carver looked at his watch. He had to get up early to catch the flight from Munich to Berlin. The credibility that comes with the Chronicle. Renner flicked his cigarette butt to the ground and spat some tobacco off his tongue. There are some sexually explicit scenes which are rather coarse and brutal. Most of the criminal brutality is pretty gory as well.

It definitely adds to the tension of the story and heightens the suspense. The plot unfolds at a breath-taking pace from beginning to end. You will very quickly become so engaged with this story that you forget that it's a work of fiction. I'm not going to ruin the read for you with review spoilers, but if you like feel-good, warm Not for the timid or weak of heart. I'm not going to ruin the read for you with review spoilers, but if you like feel-good, warm and fuzzy stories, this one's probably not for you.

Its not the illuminati, its the jews

The setting is post-WW2 Germany with it's scars of racism and Aryan ideology facing a nation with a growing multicultural population. Introduce into that tension the prospect of a Jewish chancellor. If these bigger and more realistic concepts of how nations, citizens, and political forces wrestle with these demons, and how denial of the hatred and bigotry results in passive permission for unspeakable evil, then this book will be right up your alley.

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This isn't a book about Germany. It couldn't be more relevant to the 21st century American social culture. Dec 29, Dianne rated it liked it Shelves: Violence, explicit sex with SM set against a background of neo-Nazism and Islamaphobia during the run up to the National German elections. Carver, the foreign correspondent of the London based Chronicle investigates the actions of the far right candidate, whom he believes is sabotaging the campaign of the liberal SDP candidate, who happens to be Jewish.

I thought the novel was a fairly standard modern thriller with an unusual setting, but did become hooked towards the end. Feb 26, Michael rated it liked it. An entertaining thriller but a little far fetched as far as the Nazi threat is concerned. The plot is well conceived and constructed and the book is well written. My only gripe would be that the Neo Nazi leader was too much the stereotypical cultured sexual pervert and narcisstic brute. A good yarn though. May 17, John rated it liked it Shelves: This is a very fast-paced political thriller set against a German general election.

It is very well researched and plotted and the pace overcomes one or two implausibilities and some rather distasteful violence, especially in some of the sex scenes.

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The climax comes as a surprise. I look forward to reading more books by Crossland. Jan 28, big reader rated it it was amazing. A gripping read, I couldnt put this book down. The author shows a profound understanding of Germany, also seen in his sequel, Teutonia. Scarily possible plotline and lots of gory bits but also packed with humour.

I thoroughly recommend it. Apr 04, Judie rated it it was ok.

The Jewish Candidate The Jewish Candidate
The Jewish Candidate The Jewish Candidate
The Jewish Candidate The Jewish Candidate
The Jewish Candidate The Jewish Candidate
The Jewish Candidate The Jewish Candidate

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