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Add to my wishlist. This anthology compiled by Dany Lallemand brings to light a selection of recordings made by Patachou as an icon of Parisian music-halls, a major figure combining the popular accents of Paris with the elegance of Montmartre. Jean Valtay et Jean Rochette. A que sur les autres continents.

Disques originaux 78 et 45 tours et photos: Of all the great ladies who sang French songs, Patachou undoubtedly deserves a place of honour as a performer: Henriette Ragon, aka Patachou, was all the cheeky humour of Montmartre, but also its distinction. In the couple had a son, Pierre Billon, who in became a successful singer-songwriter and later the producer of Michel Sardou and Johnny Hallyday. The little cake-shop built up a handsome clientele and in Jean and Henriette purchased the shop next door and opened a restaurant there.

One evening, accompanied by an accordionist, a group of doctors picked up a drinking-song in chorus and Henriette joined in; she was so well-received that the ambiance became a regular phenomenon there. And not only there: And so began the career of the man who became one of the greatest characters in French song. He also wrote a biography in Tenzing Norgay in and was one of the translators of the American writer Chester Himes.

References "Histoire de la traduction en Occident: Armand Lanoux 24 October - 23 March was a French writer. Biography Lanoux was born in Paris. Early in life he had several jobs: He participated in drafting the Code des Usages. He wrote in many genres: From to , he spent several months a year in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat. In , he earned accolades in winning the Prix Goncourt for his novel "When the tide goes out.

In , he adapted the novel by Balzac L Retrieved 2 February He wrote police novels written in collaboration under the pseudonym Bernard-Paul Lallier. He eventually returned to journalism and worked successively for several publications, including Jours de France, Valeurs actuelles and Le Figaro. This novel had a sequel, L'Ange du paradis, published in In , Deschodt used the same pseudonym to write the thriller In his novel Brecht's Mistress French: La Nuit tombante Jeunesse dans une ville normande La Peau du monde L'Homme du silence Works All of his works were published with Le Livre de poche except when otherwise noted.

Nous allions vers les beaux jours "We went to the beautiful days" Monsieur papa "Mister Daddy" L'amour aveugle "Blind love" Dans les bras du vent "In the arms of the wind" Rue des bons-enfants "Street of the good children" Kobar, Albin Michel It is an "educational novel, a novel about disillusionment", Mathieu said. Dominique Muller in Dominique Muller, real name Dominique Muller-Wakhevitch, 9 August ,[1] Strasbourg is a French journalist and novelist, author of several historical mysteries.

A rationalist and follower of the ide Gilles Vincent born 11 September , Issy-les-Moulineaux is a French-language writer, author of detective novels, a collection of short stories, a novel and two thrillers for adolescents. Parjures, Jigal Polar Djebel, Jigal Polar Trois heures avant l'aube, Jigal Polar Hyenae, Jigal Polar Sad Sunday obtained the Prix Marseillais du Polar Sad Sunday de Gilles Vincent, 2 oct.

His father is a polytechnicien who became an officer of the colonial army, reaching the rank of general at retirement and his mother, a housewife, is a self-taught reader. It's his father's poetry buff that will give him the taste for books that he will quickly devour in the family library or at school[2] After studying in Nice he became a teacher.

In a piece for Le Monde, P His Bulgarian father allowed him to develop a critical mind and his need for freedom, bequeathing him "the imperious taste of barbed wire and shoving confiscated thoughts" blurb for the short story Brown Morning. Life experience He spent over twenty years in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and France in the area of community social development and the defense of children's rights.

He is a psychologist expert with Courts of Appeal. A first novel appears in in the Black Series collection Gallimard. Twenty-five other books will follow, in the field of romantic fiction, the travel diary, poetry - and youth novels Syros Editions Albin Michel Jeunesse, Rue du Monde. The last adult novels are published by Albin Michel: Albert Simonin — was a French novelist and scriptwriter.

He was born in the La Chapelle quarter of the 18th arrondissement of Paris. His father was a florist. Albert was orphaned by the age of Simonin co-authored the screenplay for the movie. He studied French literature at the University of Bombay; he became assistant director to Roberto Rossellini. Back in France, he produced five feature films. In , with writer Dan Franck, he created a press photographer character with a big heart called Boro the "model" most likely was Robert Capa. He has won major French literary awards for his books, which are written in French.

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Many of his historical novels have become bestsellers. He became skilled in classical guitar. He later taught classical guitar to others and started writing.


Full text of "French illustrated books of the eighteenth century"

In , he published Avicenne ou La route d'Ispahan, relating the life of Avicenna, the Persian doctor, philosopher and scientist. His novels and other books span a variety of genres. Daniel Picouly born 21 October in Villemomble is a French writer. His parents were born in the French overseas territory of Martinique. He became a professor of economics in Paris. He had a great success in , with The Field of people.

In this book, as in many others, he recounts his childhood in a novel. He played himself in the film Imposture He was born in Montpellier and died in Paris at the age of His mother Isabelle Bost was the granddaughter of a Protestant pastor. He was born in Montpellier where he spent the first twenty years of his life. Moving to Paris, he taught German in the s. In , he published his first novel Les eaux mortes which was considered "too American". Eight more novels followed, including Les corps ont soif which won the Prix des Deux Magots in Several of his novels are set in the Cevennes region.

He became a director at the publishing firm Hachette. He began writing child His main subjects are the French medical system, the healing relationship and contraception; he also wrote critical papers and books about TV serials he is one of the first specialists of this subject in France. Biography His family returned to France in He was a dedicated young reader and writer. During this time he worked for the magazine Prescrire under his real name, Marc Zaffran. This name is a tribute to the great French writer Georges Perec: Edition ornde de Figures en taille douce, grav6es par les meilleurs Artistes de Paris: I'an troisieme - 4 vols.

A superb copy on thick paper. Frontispiece by Coypel, and 29 plates, by the Regent, Philippe d' Orleans, engraved by Audran, and 4 culs- de-lampe by Cochin. One of the scarce examples in 4to mentioned by Cohen Red morocco, the backs tooled with a pastoral figure in each of the panels, by Derome.

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A beautiful book in a remarkably fine binding. Half green morocco, uncut. Excessively rare in this condition. Paris, An Sep- tieme Portrait of Jean de Meung, and 3 charming plates after Monnet by Patas. The present is the superb Wodhull copy. Suivent les Cent Nouvelles contena'nt les cent Histoires Nouveaux, qui sont moult plaisans a raconter, en toutes bonnes Compagnies. In this copy the plates are tirage a part. A document signed by Louis XI is inserted. Grands Tableaux DU Roy. Comprising 7 superb engravings, from pictures in the collection of Louis XIV depicting some of the battles of Alexander the Great , after Le Brun, by Audran ; the famous picture after P.

Tableaux du Cabinet du Roy. Statues et Bustes Antiques. Engraved by Mellan and Baudet. Frontispiece representing Lotds XIV, ordering the erection of the Hotel des Invalides, and a vignette and initial capital to the dedica- tion, by Bonnart, and 1 9 large folding plates engraved by Lepautre and Marot. These four superb volumes are uniformly bound in red morocco by RuETTE, with the arms of Louis XIV impressed on the sides, and his crowned chiffre stamped at each of the four corners of the covers, and also impressed in the panels on the back. They were afterwards in the library of Sir Robert Throckmorton, and each volume contains his ex-libris.

Paris, An VI de la Republique A copy with the plates in the same state as those in the present copy sold in the Turner sale for 3, francs. From the library of David Garrick with his ex-libris in each volume; also a printed label with the following inscription: An Uncut Copy on Holland Paper. Uncut copies are most rare. Engraved title, frontispiece, and plates after Chasselat, by De Latmay.

The plates are in two states, Proofs Before Letters and Etchings. Unknown to Cohen in this state. Frontispiece by Vianen, and 72 plates attributed to Romain de Hooghe. Two parts in i vol. Fleurons on titles, vignettes by Cochin, engraved by Privost and Miger, and 8 plates by Challe, engraved by Martinet. Half morocco, gilt edges. A copy of the " Relation de la Pompe du Convoi de la Reine," etc. Charming fleur on on title, containing a portrait of Marie Leczinska, by Pasquier ; frontispiece after PrSvost by Polar. A Large Paper Copy of this rare work which was unknown to Cohen.

Portrait by Cochin, engraved by Saint- Aubin; title by Gravelot, engraved by Duclos, repeated in each volume: Contemporary red morocco, rich dentelle borders. It refers to his celebrated work " Bflisaire. A beautiful copy from R. One of the 50 copies printed upon Japanese Vellum Paper. The illustrations comprise Three Sets of Proofs of the Vignettes and culs-de- lampe ttrage ctparf] and the plates, besides the ordinary suite. The sets of Proofs are Before all Letters remarque a I'eau-forte and include: A suite en camdieu on cream satin.

A suite en camdieu on Whatman Paper. A suite en bistre on Japanese Vellum Paper. Contenant ce qui s'est passe de plus remarqu- able dans ce Roiaume depuis 15 15, jusqu'en 1. Cologne, 1 7 1 9. Frontispiece, and portraits by Harrewyn. Olive morocco, gilt on marbled edges, by Padeloup. The portraits include one of Mary, Queen of Scots. Pour servir aux differentes Editions du Tableau de Paris, de M. Frontispiece and 96 etchings by Dtmker. Contemporary red morocco, gilt on marbled edges, by Derome. Baron James de Rothschild paid 13, francs for a copy at a Paris sale in Batavorum, ex typis Elzevirianis, Fine engraved frontispiece, vellum uncut.

Excessively rare in uncut state. The Comte de Boutourlin's copy with his ex-libris. Edition en Anglais et en Frangais. Contemporary red morocco, gilt edges. A splendid example on papier v'elin with the plates in proof state — avant la lettre. Inserted is an autograph signature of Sir Christopher Milton, brother to the great poet, and a justice of the peace. Redmorocco rich dentelle borders, uncut. Enrichdes de Figures en Taille-douce.

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Frontispieces and numerous very curious plates after Brissart by SauvS. Contemporary red I 58 J. The " wicked " Regent's copy of the first complete and the first illustrated edition of Moliere. Published in by Molifere's comrades La Grange and Vinot. Copies in contemporary morocco are excessively rare; in the Grand Dauphin's example sold in Paris for 4, francs.

Por- trait after Mignard, engraved by Cathelin, 6fleurons on the titles and 33 plates by Moreau, engraved by Baquoy and others. Blue morocco, by Derome. The Best Edition, with all the starred leaves. Excessively rare in old morocco. Por- trait after Mignard, engraved by Cathelin ; dfleurons on the titles by Moreau, and 33 plates by Moreau, engraved by Baquoy and others. Poquelin, Moliere's father, and another signed by his wife, Armande Bejart. Frontispiece containing a portrait of Moliere as a cherub, 3 fleurons on titles by Frankendaal and 3 2 plates by J.

Old calf, "Trfes belles figures en taille-douce. A most rare series of plates. With splendid First Impressions of the Plates. Choix de Chansons Joyeuses. With the original wrappers bound m. Portrait of Monet by Cochin, engraved by St. Aubin; title by Gravelot, engraved by Nie, and 3 frontispieces by Gravelot engraved by Lemire.

Engraved title, frontispiece, and plates after Eisen by Lemire. Copies on largest paper were unknown to Cohen Engraved title, frontispiece containing portrait of Montes- quieu and 9 charming plates after Eisen by Lemire. A superb Large Paper Copy. The plates are Proofs Before the Numbers. Red morocco, with a doublure of dark green morocco, watered silk fly-leaves. The plates are all Proof Impressions, and comprise chiefly the set of 7 after Peyron in 2, 3, 4, and 5 states, viz.

In line, Proofs before Inscriptions. Frontispiece and 5 plates by Lefevre, engraved by Godefroy. Blue morocco, by Lor tic. From the library of M. Frontispiece and many cii,rious plates. Contemporary yellozv morocco, dentelle borders on the sides, with a doublure of olive morocco. A very fine copy entirely uncut. It is necessary to observe that this work is not a mere collection of prints, as it contains many luminous and masterly dissertations upon the style, excellencies, and defects of the various schools of painting, lives of the most eminent painters, and, finally, a minute description of every painting, statue, etc.

Fleuron on title by J. Philips, 59 engravings of the prin- cipal places of interest in Paris, and a folding 7nap of the City. Venise Paris Cazin , Very curious plates of costume, unsigned, etc.

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  8. Contains most interesting accounts of Russian habits and customs. Enrichies de figures en taille-douce. Fron- tispiece and 52 vignettes in the style of Remain de Hooghe, Blue morocco. The first illustrated edition. Cohen mentions this as being the first edition under this title. Engraved title, portrait, 22 vignettes, and 8 culs-de-lampe by Zocchi, engraved by Gregori.

    Contem- porary red morocco. Printed on Large Paper. One of the 12 copies which were printed on Thick Holland Paper, — Brunet Cast un des plus galamment illustres da tout le si cle. Gravies sur les desseins des meilleures Peintres Frangais. Par les soins des Srs. First Impressions of these beautiful engravings. A splendid copy of this excessively rare series of plates. La Haye and Paris , Frontispiece and 8 vignettes by de Sive, engraved by Fokke. A brilliant mezzotint portrait of Madame de Pompadour by Boucher, engraved title, and 70 plates.

    The present copy contains this engraving. Cohen does not mention the brilliant mezzotint portrait of Madame de Pompadour: This edition contains seven more plates than any other edition. Consid6r6 comme Chef de I'Ecole Frangoise. Suivie de Notes In- ddites et authentiques sur sa vie et ses ouvrages, des mesures de la Statue de lAntinous, de la description de ses principaux Tableaux, et du catalogue de ses CEuvres completes. Numerous fine plates, 3 after Poussin. Many of the plates are Proofs Before Letters.

    A fine copy on Large Paper. The best edition of this immortal novel. Green morocco, by Bedford. Frontispiece and 8 plates by De Bucourt. The plates are beautifully engraved in colours. A Splendid Copy with very Large Margins. With a superb engraved title by Moreau, frontispiece by Boucher, engraved by Simonet, and 5 charming plates by Moreau, engraved by Delaunay, de Longueil, Massard and Simonet.

    A copy on Large Paper " d'Auvergne. A "Papier Velin " copy, with Proof Impressions of the engravings. Frontispiece designed and engraved by Folkema; en- graved titles to the first and third volumes, and fleurons on the printed title by B. Picart, 3 topographical plates, portrait of Rabelais, engraved by TanjS, 8 culs-de-lampe by Picart, and 1 2 plates by Du Bourg, engraved by Bernaerts, and others.

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    An Uncut copy is perhaps Unique. Frontispiece designed and engraved by Folkema; engraved titles to the first and third volumes, and fieurons on the printed titles by B. A splendid copy on Large Paper. The double set of portraits and plates are India Paper Proofs and Etchings.

    Amsterdam et Leipzig, This is the issue of , with different title-pages. Red morocco, blue watered-silk linings, by Bradel- Derome. Napoleon I's Copy with his arms i-mpressed on the sides of each of the covers. Printed on Large Vellum Paper. The plates are in Proof State " Avant les Numeros. This is the most magnificent and most beautiful and valuable example of Racine extant. Published by order of Louis XVI. This volume is one of the rarest publications dealing with the American Revolution. Le Fond du Sac. Venise Paris, Cazin , Frontispiece and 9 vignettes, signed D. Frontis- piece and 2 1 vignettes by Duplessis-Bertaux.

    Blue morocco, by Cuzin. Nouvelle Edition, Revue, ex- actement corrigde, et conforme a la representation.

    Portrait and 1 2 plates, 9 of which are L 74 J. The plates by Moreau are also First Impressions, i. Portrait after Rigatid by Tardieu, and 1 1 plates by Moreau and Marillier, engraved by Delignon, etc.

    Les deux orfèvres

    Paris, An VI, Frontispiece and vignette by Choffard. The vignette containing a portrait of Basan is in two states — tirage a part, and with the text. Frontis- piece after Hiimblot by Tardieu, fleuron on title by Baquoy, 6 vignettes and initial capitals by Humblot, engraved by Mathey, Baquoy and Crepy fits. A most beautiful copy on Large Paper. Title in French and Dutch, 2 parts in i vol. Folding frontispiece and 50 extrem,ely curious caricatures of heads of monks, etc.

    Old red morocco, " Bel Exemplaire provenant de la Bibliotheque de Meon et un de ceux qui contiennent la preface de 14 pages en fran9aise. Voir le detail des 50 planches dans les Analecta Biblion du Marquis du Roure. Engraved title by Delafosse and folding plates of dancing figures.

    Author Biography

    This curious little work is engraved throughout. Geneve et Paris, , 2 vols. Lacroix, dans sa Bibliographic de Restif de la Bretonne, qualifie ce roman de chef d'oeuvre. Neufchitel et Paris, Many of these curious plates are unsigned. Lacroix croit voir, dans I'un des personnages de la Femme d'lvrogne, le portrait de Grimod de la Reyniere fils. Uncut Copies are of very Great Rarity. The engravings are not signed, but are, says Cohen, probably by Binet. A collection of portraits of the most celebrated Spaniards, engraved by the most eminent Spanish artists. Traduction Nouvelle et seule complete; par M.

    Pujos, engraved by F. Classee par Ordre de Matieres, et ornee de quatre-vingt-dix Gravures. Printed upon Vellum Paper. The plates are in Proof States, being " avant la lettre. La H aye, Portrait of Rubens after Van Dyck, engraved by Audran, and 22 charming ptates engraved by Audran a7id others after the paintijigs of Rubens. Contemporary red morocco, gilt borders on sides, richly gilt back with palette, brush, and easle ornaments.

    Les deux Orfèvres: Anthologie Or et Sang (French Edition) Les deux Orfèvres: Anthologie Or et Sang (French Edition)
    Les deux Orfèvres: Anthologie Or et Sang (French Edition) Les deux Orfèvres: Anthologie Or et Sang (French Edition)
    Les deux Orfèvres: Anthologie Or et Sang (French Edition) Les deux Orfèvres: Anthologie Or et Sang (French Edition)
    Les deux Orfèvres: Anthologie Or et Sang (French Edition) Les deux Orfèvres: Anthologie Or et Sang (French Edition)
    Les deux Orfèvres: Anthologie Or et Sang (French Edition) Les deux Orfèvres: Anthologie Or et Sang (French Edition)
    Les deux Orfèvres: Anthologie Or et Sang (French Edition) Les deux Orfèvres: Anthologie Or et Sang (French Edition)
    Les deux Orfèvres: Anthologie Or et Sang (French Edition) Les deux Orfèvres: Anthologie Or et Sang (French Edition)
    Les deux Orfèvres: Anthologie Or et Sang (French Edition) Les deux Orfèvres: Anthologie Or et Sang (French Edition)

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